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Medical insurance for Immigration

All foreigners wishing to reside in Cyprus are obliged by law to have Health Insurance.  Such insurance is a prerequisite for the necessary registration with the Immigration Authorities in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Immigration medical policies cover: In-patient and Out-patient treatment, Daily accommodation in regular or intensive care, Childbirth Medical visits. In the case of death, transport of the body of the deceased back to their own country.

Employers Liability

Employer’s Liability is an Insurance policy that protects employers from liabilities arising from disease, death or injury to their insurance during their employment and/or relating to workplace conditions.

In Cyprus it is compulsory for employers to have Employers Liability Insurance since November 1st 1997.

Private Vehicle Insurance

Third party liability cover is compulsory by law for every driver. In addition to the required by law cover, our Company offers Full Comprehensive and Fire & Theft cover for private and commercial vehicles.

Fire Insurance

This policy can be given to both private and commercial properties. These can be insured for fire, explosion and thunder under the basic fire cover offered under the policy.

Home Insurance

Home Insurance policy is the comprehensive package for your home. It offers cover for a number of perils such as:

  • Fire or lightning
  • Explosion
  • Earthquake or volcanic eruption
  • Storm, hurricane, cyclone or flood
  • Water escaping from water tanks, apparatus or pipes
  • Water or oil escaping from a fixed heating or cooling installation
  • Investigation expenses and repair costs
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Malicious acts or vandalism
  • Riot, strikes or labour disturbances
  • Falling trees or parts of trees
  • Falling television or radio antennae, antennae fittings, masts, towers or solar heating panels
  • Loss of rent
  • Accidental damage to underground services
  • Accidental breakage of fixed glass and sanitary fixtures
  • Architects’ fees
  • Cost of cleaning the site
  • Costs incurred solely because of the need to comply with any stature requirements or local authority by law
  • Temporary removal
  • Alternative accommodation
  • Accidental Breakage of fixed mirrors and glass
  • Tenant’s liability
  • Occupier’s liability to third parties
  • Personal accident
  • Personal property “All risk’’